Version: 0.5.1

Release Date: 03 Oct 2014

32-bit image

  • MD5: 40fa8f236e1721dda6e34c89aab0a859
  • SHA256: 7091a09cf227b31d32dcfcf47ad5acf83b80617c51848d214ae0eed1292ae93f

64-bit image

  • MD5: eac351aa19b1d61df84ef083662af386
  • SHA256: 0982a88aae584a8f69fb20607b89728edfaaff33d3a25ed8c10f69d9f2854270

Release Notes

This is the first snapshot (still considered alpha quality) using KDE Frameworks 5.

Maui alpha image boots into SDDM where you can log in the Hawaii desktop environment.
Password is "live" (without quotes).

Hardware supported by Open Source drivers should work.
Here's the list of supported GPUs:

  • Intel: i915 or newer cards
  • AMD/ATI: using the open source driver except for cards supported by radeonsi
  • NVIDIA: cards supported by the nouveau open source driver
  • VMware

QEMU and VirtualBox are not currently supported due to lack of drivers.

If you try the ISO image on VMware, please enable 3D acceleration.

To do so select the virtual machine, click on the VM → Settings menu item, now in the Hardware tab select Display and check Accelerate 3d graphics.

Known Issues

  • On some setups the screen configuration detected at login might be wrong. The problem has been reported and is under investigation.
  • Installer on laptops: "Next" button is disabled when the laptop is not connected to the AC adaptor. This is the intended behavior however the installer doesn't warn about it.
  • UEFI and Secure Boot are not yet supported.
  • Boot loader is extlinux which doesn't detect other operating systems.

  • Alejandro Ramales Meneses

    Hola amigos recurro a ustedes para solcionar el problema que tengo para instalar el sistema, pues lo he grabado con UNetbootin pero no funciona, tambien ya lo grabe a un DVD pero no funciona me da el mensaje
    diseable by bio pero no pasa de ese punto, espero me puedan ayudar y de antemano les felicito por su labor y empeño

  • Alejandro Ramales Meneses

    Hello friends I turn to you for solcionar the problem that I have to install the system, as I have recorded with UNetbootin but does not work, and also record it to a DVD but does not work gives me the message diseable bio but that’s by that point, I hope I can help and congratulate them in advance for their work and commitment

  • Guest

    Do you plan a wayland based image? I tried this one and still see X running. Thanks!

  • Hijacks

    Is there a forum where we can discuss problems or get help for installing maui os.
    It would also be nice follow the development. On my Toshiba Lapptop Core 2 Duo and Radeon 4650m. I stuck on boot process. It sometimes load to message start network manager then it hangs on terminate plymouth which is before and sometimes it hangs after start network manager. It cannot boot to Desktop. I can change to other teminal console with ctrl+alt+f2 and login but when i want to system upgrade with pacman -Syu it says pacman command not found. Can someone help me maybe in a forum or so.