Download Maui

Maui 0.5.1 with Plasma Simple Shell (~540MB)
  • Alejandro Ramales Meneses

    Hola amigos recurro a ustedes para solcionar el problema que tengo para instalar el sistema, pues lo he grabado con UNetbootin pero no funciona, tambien ya lo grabe a un DVD pero no funciona me da el mensaje
    diseable by bio pero no pasa de ese punto, espero me puedan ayudar y de antemano les felicito por su labor y empeño

    • David Lambert

      usa para grabar en llave usb rufus 2.2

  • Alejandro Ramales Meneses

    Hello friends I turn to you for solcionar the problem that I have to install the system, as I have recorded with UNetbootin but does not work, and also record it to a DVD but does not work gives me the message diseable bio but that’s by that point, I hope I can help and congratulate them in advance for their work and commitment

  • Guest

    Do you plan a wayland based image? I tried this one and still see X running. Thanks!

  • Hijacks

    Is there a forum where we can discuss problems or get help for installing maui os.
    It would also be nice follow the development. On my Toshiba Lapptop Core 2 Duo and Radeon 4650m. I stuck on boot process. It sometimes load to message start network manager then it hangs on terminate plymouth which is before and sometimes it hangs after start network manager. It cannot boot to Desktop. I can change to other teminal console with ctrl+alt+f2 and login but when i want to system upgrade with pacman -Syu it says pacman command not found. Can someone help me maybe in a forum or so.

  • Walker17x

    i’m waiting for the nvidia proprietary drivers support for wayland to test this distro

    • Topias Olavi Salakka

      I think they added KMS support a while ago, or atleast basic support for it.

  • Charles Hale

    I have tried to download both the 32 bit and 64 bit distros numerous times but keep having the downloads interrupted. I have NEVER had this problem before. Sure would like to see what you have done but can’t if I can’t get them!!

    • Pier Luigi Fiorini

      Try with a different mirror on, anyway I can download it now just to see if I can reproduce the issue

      • Charles Hale

        Thanks for the reply. Changed mirror and the downloads were fine.

        Subject: Re: Comment on Download

  • Yj W

    is there a way to boot the image through efi or grub ?


    Hello, how can I only get Hawaii DE?

  • Zelmor

    Hello there,

    I would like to give this project a try, however, I am having a trust problem with sourceforge due to their past behaviour of repackaging software to include malware. Even with the hash available, I have blocked their domain completely and not willing to refer to them as source in the future. Do you happen to have a separate file repository? Github for the iso files, maybe?

  • Anthony Stark

    Tried to use both ISOs(32 & 64) on PC with i5Iris 6100 (i915), and on Virtualbox with 3d acceleration: the same issue, display manager doesn’t load. What I’m doing wrong ?

    • Charlie Whitman

      It seems rather odd that this didn’t receive a reply. The problem is that there are no display drivers that support both Virtualbox and Wayland at present (there almost certainly will be in the future). To run Wayland in a virtual machine you need to use VMware or Qemu with QXL.

  • Néstor C.

    I try to launch it but i’m stalled on login.
    What are the live system user password?

    • Pier Luigi Fiorini

      User: live
      No password, just hit enter

  • Nagare Anby

    Hi, i got a problem when i try to install from the image i burned into USB disk. Actually, i can’t find where the installation icon is. Does the installation is from Terminal?

  • Fedo Rtafov

    Hi, at the forum too much feet spam filter, so that real people is quite difficult to ask for help ..
    So, Linux distribution Maui 1 is much more stable than the Stock Kubuntu and it’s very nice.
    Nevertheless I have a few issues that I would like to resolve and understand what is the reason.
    1) I do not want to compare, just give the facts (I want to find out what
    the reason) – load distribution is very long compared to Ubuntu with
    Unity. In theory it should not be. Shutting down the computer is also
    very similar to the long
    2) A very long run applications, if running of Firefox with multiple tabs
    3) Select how to download the OS might somehow disable it takes precious
    seconds of life (certainly a useful thing in case of a failure, but
    whether it is possible to turn off if desired)
    4) Software Update Manager itself searches for updates [b]every day[/b], even though I have installed the standard update settings option “search for updates every
    two weeks.” That is, he lives his life, regardless of the setting.
    5) NumLokk keys are not remembered after a reboot.
    6) The touchpad is sensitive, it is not.
    Perhaps these problems are specific to my laptop Samsung, but the problem is, and I would like to solve them.
    In general, as we have already seen the distribution is quite stable, but
    not very comfortable to use because of these problems.