Latest Live Image Information
  • Version: 0.0.2_20130528
  • Release Date: 28 May 2013
  • x86_64 image
    Download: maui-0.0.2-x86_64.iso
    Torrent: Linux Tracker
    MD5: 3eac8386e3d68df2aee154cfN4da3c201a
    SHA1: 89cff144bc9be0c790161a4c78cc20112cbf1180

This is the first version using OSTree.

Qt support for Wayland made some progress recently but it still not complete.

The QtCompositor API is not in a usable stable now, it will probably get more love during the Qt 5.2 development cycle. This is why the Hawaii desktop environment is running on Weston instead of Green Island, our QtQuick-based Wayland compositor.

Maui pre-alpha 2 live image starts the Hawaii desktop environment automatically and it should work on all GPUs supported by open source drivers such as:

  • Intel: i915 or newer cards
  • AMD/ATI: using the open source driver except for cards supported by radeonsi
  • NVIDIA: cards supported by the nouveau open source driver
  • VMware

QEMU and VirtualBox are not currently supported due to lack of drivers.

If you try the ISO image on VMware, please enable 3D acceleration.

To do so edit select the virtual machine, click on the VMSettings menu item, now in the Hardware tab select Display and check Accelerate 3d graphics.

Press CTRL-ALT-Backspace to quit the graphical environment, this will get you to the login prompt. You can login as root (no password required).

If you need to start Hawaii again just type:

systemctl start hawaii

Weston and Hawaii logs are saved to the /var/log/hawaii.log file.

The following applications are included:

  • QupZilla (Web browser)
  • Communi (IRC client)

XWayland is also included.

Known issues

  • EFI is not currently supported.
  • Qt drop down and popup menus behavior is not currect, such windows behave like top level windows.
  • Qt applications still open when the compositor is closed will hang, you'll have to manually kill the process.
  • Videos don't work, GStreamer 1.0 has wayland video sink but QtMultimedia supports GStreamer 0.10 only.
  • AppChooser might duplicate some entries.
  • Launcher support for tasks is not complete, clicking on an icon won't start the application the second time because it thinks it's still running.

Sources from git

We made the "hawaii" git repository that contains scripts to fetch all git submodules and build them in the correct order.

You only need to install the dependencies (Wayland and Qt 5).

The "hawaii" repository is available here and contains all the instructions you need

Sources from tarballs

Follow these instructions to build sources from tarballs.

Binary packages for Arch Linux

Packages are built for x86_64, help in building them for x86 systems is welcome.

Add the following to your /etc/pacman.conf:

    Server =$repo/os/$arch
    SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

Wayland and Weston packages are now included in Arch Linux, in extra and community respectively.

Enable extra and community repositories, if you haven't done it already.

WARNING: Mesa 10.1 might crash Hawaii, if you experience problems download and install the Mesa 10.0.3 packages from ArchLinux Rollback Machine. The relevant packages are mesa, mesa-libgl and *-dri (for example intel-dri for Intel GPUs).

You can follow the bug report from here.

After you downgraded Mesa, edit /etc/pacman.conf and make sure those packages are listed in IgnorePkg separated by a space. For example:

IgnorePkg = mesa mesa-libgl intel-dri

To install the Hawaii desktop environment and pull all the dependencies type:

pacman -Syu hawaii-meta-git

If asked to choose a provider for libgl, make sure you select "mesa-libgl".

The Hawaii desktop environment runs with Weston. You can run Weston as unprivileged user in a X11 session or from KMS.

Either way, use the following command: