Hawaii 0.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Hawaii 0.2.0.

Hawaii 0.2.0 requires:

  • Qt 5.2 with EGL support
  • The qtwayland module (not yet part of Qt)
  • Wayland 1.3 and Weston 1.3
  • DConf
  • Polkit-Qt-1 with Qt 5 support

Below the list of modules that are part of the Hawaii 0.2.0 release:

Green Island 0.2.0 have been released too but it’s not part of the
Hawaii release because it’s considered experimental.

Here’s the list of source tarballs:

All modules included in this releases have now a “stable” branch, the development for
the next release will happen in the “dev” branch.

Instructions on how to build the sources are here.

The plan for the upcoming release will soon be announced.

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