Arch Linux packages updated

Arch Linux packages for the latest Hawaii development version are up to date now.
In the “Arch Linux” tab here you can find instructions on how to
install the packages.

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  • Jens Staal

    Hi I have tried to run Hawaii on Arch a few times but failed. The sddm-qt5 DM fail to start if put as default (systemctl enable sddm.service), and I have not been able to start hawaii from any of the other DMs. Are there any other “tricks” I might not have seen. The hawaii stuff works if run under X11.

    Is the Maui OS image based on Arch? Will it also become an installable image later or is it only for demo purposes?

    • Pier Luigi Fiorini

      The sddm-qt5-git packages seems to work on my laptop, I have used it this weekend as my main DM. Anyways I’ve updated the package to a new version could you try pacman -Syu ?
      ISOs are not based on Arch and contain an unfinished installer. Since it’s still a moving target I was reluctant on going forward with the installer and I preferred to concentrate on the DE.
      Hawaii cannot be run from DMs because of weston-launch, I’ve seen some work on systemd and weston git repositories (not yet released) that will likely make it work from DMs.
      You can run it from KMS with /opt/hawaii-git/bin/hawaii it should take care of launching weston-launch with the correct arguments.

  • Ryan Morris

    Has anybody got these to work in arch? Also, note that the AUR has some packages. packer -S hawaii-meta-git

    • Jens Staal

      There is also a binary repository for Arch Linux