How to fix Mesa on Arch Linux

Some problems with Mesa were reported on Arch Linux.

Mesa 10.1 might crash Hawaii; if you experience these problems, please download
and install the Mesa 10.0.3 packages from Arch Linux Rollback Machine.

It seems that the problem is reproducible even with a simple QML file that opens a window so
it might not be related to Hawaii itself.

The crash was not reproduced on VMware, it happens with Intel GPUs and might happen with other GPUs as well.

The relevant packages are mesa, mesa-libgl and *-dri (for example intel-dri for Intel GPUs).

To downgrade to Mesa 10.0.3 first download the following packages:

and one of the following packages, depending on your hardware:

and manually install them with pacman -U.

After you downgraded Mesa you tell pacman not to upgrade mesa.
Edit /etc/pacman.conf and make sure the packages are listed in IgnorePkg separated by a space:

IgnorePkg = mesa mesa-libgl intel-dri

replace intel-dri with the package you are using.

A few glitches have been sighted with this downgrade which I’m investigating now, but at least
with Mesa 10.0.3 there are no crashes anymore.

UPDATE 2014-06-14: this is recognized as a bug and it’s been reported here

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