New Packages

Arch Linux packages were updated and there are big changes!

Packages no longer requires Qt from git.
This means they depends on official Qt 5 packages from Arch Linux.

Special packages for polkit-qt-1
and qtwayland are needed.
Both of course are built agains official Qt 5 packages.

polkit-qt-1 was recently ported to Qt 5 and made parallel installable with Qt 4 builds
by Pier Luigi Fiorini, but an official release from upstream is not available.

qtwayland is still an unreleased Qt module, hence it needed packaging from us.

The good news is that from now on, if you install hawaii-qt5-wayland-git,
you should be able to run Qt 5 applications on Wayland.
However an extensive test hasn’t been done yet.

Also, all the new packages install over /usr.

This means that in order to run Hawaii you just need to type hawaii from
the console!

Programs such as sddm, Communi, QtCreator, etc… are no longer available from
our binary archives. Users can easily build them from AUR.

Before installing the new packages, please remove all the old packages.

Full list of old Qt 5 from git packages below:

  • qtbase-git
  • qtbase-git-debug
  • qtdeclarative-git
  • qtdeclarative-git-debug
  • qtgraphicaleffects-git
  • qtimageformats-git
  • qtimageformats-git-debug
  • qtmultimedia-git
  • qtmultimedia-git-debug
  • qtquick1-git
  • qtquick1-git-debug
  • qtquickcontrols-git
  • qtquickcontrols-git-debug
  • qtsvg-git
  • qtsvg-git-debug
  • qtscript-git
  • qtscript-git-debug
  • qttools-git
  • qttools-git-debug
  • qtwayland-git
  • qtwayland-git-debug
  • qtwebkit-git
  • qtwebkit-git-debug
  • qtx11extras-git
  • qtx11extras-git-debug
  • qtxmlpatterns-git
  • qtxmlpatterns-git-debug

Full list of applications that were packaged:

  • sddm-qt5-git
  • qupzilla-qt5-git
  • libcommuni-git
  • communi-desktop-git
  • libcommuni
  • communi-desktop

Full list of Hawaii packages:

  • eyesight-git
  • fluid-git
  • fluid-git-debug
  • greenisland-git
  • greenisland-git-debug
  • hawaii-icon-themes-git
  • hawaii-meta-git
  • hawaii-shell-git
  • hawaii-shell-git-debug
  • hawaii-system-preferences-git
  • hawaii-system-preferences-git-debug
  • hawaii-terminal-git
  • hawaii-wallpapers-git
  • hawaii-widget-styles-git
  • libhawaii-git
  • polkit-qt5-git
  • polkit-qt5-git-debug
  • qtaccountsservice-git
  • qtconfiguration-git
  • swordfish-git
  • yat-git

After you cleaned up the system from old packages, install the new packages with:

pacman -Sy hawaii-meta-git

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  • Cazimi

    There is polkit-qt5 in [extra] it conflicts with your package.

  • Ricardo Vieira

    hi great work :D i was waiting for this. I installed hawaii and it works but it looks like you need to rebuid hawaii-widget-styles-git it’s still installing under /opt but the PKGBUILD is fine. Btw do you have any updates about the mesa bug? Someone should fix that.

  • Pier Luigi Fiorini

    Cazimi: thanks, I haven’t noticed as I’m not using Arch Linux as my primary system anymore, I have it only on the development vm.
    However polkit-qt5 has a problem that should probably reported upstream: paths in the cmake module are relative, see my comments here:

    I’m updating my hawaii-polkit-qt5-git to replace polkit-qt5, will be ready in a few minutes.

  • Pier Luigi Fiorini

    Ricardo Vieira: thanks, yes as a matter of fact my script skipped that package, rebuilt now. I haven’t any first hand info about the mesa bug, we are all in the hands of upstream

  • nuc

    Is there any upstream bug report for the mesa bug?

  • Jens Staal

    hawaii-qt-wayland-git is conflicting with qt5-wayland. Are there plans for updated/re-packaged Arch linux packages?

    • Pier Luigi Fiorini

      Binary packages are no longer updated because these days all dependencies are already available on Arch (except for qtwayland), but I’m keeping AUR updated.