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Maui using KDE Frameworks 5

In the past months cooperation between Maui, KDE and LXDE developers has increased, not only regarding libraries, but also components such as SDDM (which has become the new standard for Qt based login managers)...


Maui joins Backd

Nitrux S.A. announced that Maui is the first project to join their Backd program. Nitrux S.A. produces a small form factor PC called QtBox, you can find more information here. For every 4,000 USD...


Maui at FOSDEM 2014

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. Every year hackers gather together to stay informed about the latest developments and attend to interesting talks and presentations. This...


Maui at QtDay 2014

QtDay is the only Italian event where you can learn more about Qt directly from the developers and Digia certified partners. QtDay 2014 will host a presentation about Maui. See the program here.


mauibuild v0.2.0 released

A new mauibuild version is now available! This is a feature release focused on making mauibuild a reliable tool to build live images. Release notes are here. Here’s the git short log: Pier Luigi...