Maui 0.5.1 with PSS (“Plasma-Simple-Shell”)

Maui 0.3 with Hawaii-Shell

  • Андрей Кацупий

    Seems there’s a turn to KDE side in 0.5.*. The 0.3 looked more promising to me.

    • flying sheep

      what’s the problem with KF5/Plasma5? The former is just a bunch of libraries, and the latter is a fast, configurable desktop and widget system.

      • ElectricPrism

        Lazyness often prevails – configurability is often not priority #1 to most users when it comes to their OS.

        It’s a wonderful thing to be able to paint the break caliper on cars but chances are if it doesn’t come pre-painted the owner won’t put in the work.

  • Taylan Tatlı

    It looks almost like KDE…

    • William Ellerbe

      @Taylan – You are *correct*. This distro looks like KDE for sure, and I personally can’t wait to download a copy of this distro and try it out within VIrtualBox.

  • Paul Kelsey

    Beautiiful desktop :)

  • ElectricPrism

    The # font in the App Menu could use a change imo, but still nice :)


    I think is awesome

  • Box2tux

    It’s look Like KDE!!!!
    Why i use hawaii ???

    • Ed Medina

      cause it is light

  • Midori Yakumo

    It looks like KDE Plasma 5 + Plasma Active…

  • Hidemi Minakawa

    Linux Mint is better than this os…